Reconstructing a grand narrative that will captivate the American people and imbue their spirit with a beautiful, noble, and heroic identity.
But has the golden age of wokeness and these other post-modern ideologies already come and gone?
It is always preferable to be the strong and prideful hegemon than a virtuous but weaker power
We must hold strong and protect our Republic from being devoured.
"To have one Republic and one citizen body is achievable; if it isn't achieved, we are in serious trouble."
To successfully challenge the Establishment + Woke hegemony, the New-Right must take up the liberal label.
Chaos provides opportunities to find glory, and the greatest glory belongs to whoever can solve the complex challenges of modern politics.
What’s stopping us from becoming the masters of our fate?
Signals to the globe that America does not have its own house in order.
The "New-Right" is standing athwart to history yelling "Forward."
We must drop our prior view of "Conservative" and "Liberal" and apply these labels properly.
The intellectual and moral evisceration of bad political ideas.