About Us

We are a band of Hillsdale College alumni determined to build a new unifying political narrative.

Political narratives are stories that explain what the ideal civilization might look like, and lay out ideas on what government should do and how it should operate. More broadly, political narratives provide a framework for how we should think, what we should value, and how to generally interpret the world. These stories try to articulate some understanding of human nature, beauty, truth, and standards for judging good and evil.

Today, the prevailing political narratives articulated by the Left and Right have compromised the Unity of the American people. These toxic competing narratives present fundamentally different visions about the kind of people we should strive to be and the kind of society we should hope to live in. Many Americans find themselves not only at odds with what they think government should do, how it should be structured, or how it should be operated, but we now find ourselves at odds philosophically as our broader beliefs and world-views are starting to collide. Politics seems so difficult today because our narratives have become hyper-polarized and are dividing We the People along fundamental lines.

The Galloway Institute is determined to build a new political narrative that achieves three things.  First, we want to precisely define and get a grasp on the key challenges facing our country. Second, we want to organize a comprehensive and inspiring vision for the future. Lastly, we want to detail possible strategies for how this vision can be achieved amidst the challenges of our difficult political reality today.

Basically, we want to share a compelling story explaining where we are at, where we want to go, and the best route on how to get there.

Trying to start a new political narrative is certainly an uphill battle. We are bitterly divided, and people have become entrenched, viewing politics as a death-match between left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican. But we truly believe there is a large majority of Americans that are marooned by this division and would welcome a new unifying message. Someone just has to go through the work of creating that message and starting new conversations. That is what the Galloway Institute exists to do.

We are not sure if we will be successful, and are fully aware that we might fail miserably. But we should at least try to do what we think is right. We believe that individual liberty and constitutional government provide inestimable blessings to the prosperity, freedom, and happiness of the human race. There is a beautiful story to be told about the significance of a republic that can provide these blessings. We are excited to try and tell this story! We hope that it might serve as a basis to restore our Unity and provide a new hope for the future of American politics.